Dyer, IN
Dyer, Indiana




Digging deeper



Work is a dirty word for some, it need not be. Human kind was created for work; we have talents and abilities which uniquely qualify us individually for all of the various career fields in our community. Before the fall Adam was charged with work around the Garden of Eden. The fall makes some of our work more difficult but no less satisfying.


An obvious benefit of work is to provide our daily needs, some less obvious benefits include: a feeling of self-worth, an outlet for creativity, an opportunity to provide services required by others in our community.  From my own work I enjoy a great deal of satisfaction knowing that everyday people: live, work, play, and worship in buildings in which I participated in the construction.


Our fine town too is served by hundreds of workers, clerks keep the books and records, firemen are at the ready for any conceivable emergency, policemen maintain law and order to keep us comfortable and safe. One important group of workers in our town is too often overlooked.


Our public works employees see to it every day that our roads are safe and clear for travel, they pick up our waste when we pile it at the curb. They maintain our public buildings and vehicles. But one duty with which they are tasked contributes more to the health and well-being of our community than any other responsibility. In the last 100 years this discipline has served to extend our lives and health more than any other.


Can you name it? Do you already know that the delivery of clean, safe water to every house has done more for the health of Americans than any medical advancement in the last 100 years? Do you know that not only does our Department of Public Works see to the safe delivery of water but that they process the waste stream so that the water returned to ecosystem is safe for reintroduction to the process. Next time you open the faucet and enjoy cool, clean , safe water, please don’t take it for granted, think of the Public Works team that works round the clock day after day go serve you.