Dyer, IN
Dyer, Indiana


Dyer town councilman 2011-2014


Jeff Dekker


I am pleased to have been elected to serve for the term 2011-2014. I look forward to meeting many more of the citizens of Dyer and am happy to share a little bit about me.


I’ve been married to my wife, JoAnn, for over 34 years; our youngest daughter with her husband and four children live in South Bend, we see a little less of them then we do the other two daughters whose families live here in Dyer and St John. They are married and each has three children. I cannot describe how much we enjoy watching our grandchildren grow and learn and play; they are a blessing of God and create in us a desire to contribute toward a safe, healthy environment.


JoAnn and I enjoy all types of outdoor activities, we ski, hike, and kayak. We like our share of motorized hobbies as well; we snowmobile, motorcycle, and do some boating. When we must be confined indoors we are not afraid of home projects and enjoy cooking together. We are both active members of our Church, New Hope Church in Lansing, IL.


It is my tendency to be a leader, organizer, and planner; I have used these abilities in the various businesses that I’ve been involved in over the years. I am presently employed at Grimmer Construction Inc. I coordinate the project activities such as budget, schedules, contracts etc. of commercial, industrial, and institutional construction projects. I am proud of my involvement over the years in the construction of many buildings where many people now live and work, worship, and conduct business.


I am eager to serve on the council in the town I have lived in for much of my life.  I thank you for entrusting me with this important job.






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